While on its surface, selecting a vendor for your Human Capital Management (HCM) system may sound like a pretty basic task. In reality, it’s a highly involved, time-intensive process that requires expertise often not found in-house.

Willory can provide your organization with vendor selection services whether as a standalone service or as part of an overall HCM Implementation.


Our iterative, proven vendor selection process helps ensure the HCM you select maps to your business’s needs. Steps in the process include:

Discovery and stakeholder meetings to gain a thorough understanding of the people, processes, procedures of an organization, and how an HCM system can remedy gaps and challenges. This results in a list of needs for an HCM system, approved by the business.

Armed with this list of key criteria, Willory sifts through the dozens of solutions, applying our own knowledge of HR and the technologies to select the vendors most likely to meet the client’s needs. Willory invites this vetted list of vendors to participate in an Request for Proposal (RFP) process, responding to an RFP written by our team of experts. The RFP is designed to ensure system requirements (known and unknown) are met.

From RFP responses, Willory narrows down the list for an interview and demo process. These demos are the latest criteria we put into our proprietary vendor scorecard. Those who score the highest are invited back for a fi­nal round for a deep-dive into the system’s functionality.

Finally, selection is typically apparent given the scorecard results and our experience with vendors meeting different, and specific organizational needs.