Way back in 2018, Willory Founder John Bernatovicz began work on the presentation that became "HR Like a Boss."  The presentation is centered around the key concept that the best human resources professionals have a unique understanding of the financial and business side of their organizations. In fact, some of the best are business people first and human resources professionals second. 

The idea has resonated with HR professionals so well that John is working on a book!...wait was that supposed to be a secret? 

Everyone knows the best way to write a book is to talk to the experts. These chats build the foundation for the "HR Like a Boss" book while providing game-changing (aka actionable) advice from those conducting human resources "like a boss."

Below you will find links to the shownotes, videos, and blogs. The videos are a bit quicker and to the point, while the podcasts are the (mostly) unedited interviews. If you haven’t given podcasts a chance yet, please do so! They’re perfect for walks, commutes, and listening while getting work done.

If you are into podcasts, this isn’t the Willory team’s only podcast! Check out “You Know What They Say About HR…” from Lisa and Philip.



Mobile users: visit https://anchor.fm/willory to listen.